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Martinville University School of Psychology offers degree, diploma and certificate programs. Psychology studies the reasoning behind why people think and behave the way they do. There is growing trend for psychological services with the rise in problems like depression, psychological disorders, marriage and family problems, work pressure, addiction, and a growing aged population. A practicing psychologist is required to have a doctoral degree. This degree at Martinville University meets all requirements of jobs, vocational healing centers, and correctional programs with a very flexible schedule for the students.

A degree in psychology allows you to work as a research or administrative assistant, a technician, an educationist or in areas such as sales, service, or production management. Early youth education, residential care, society and other psychological services are taught at the School of Psychology at . This degree establishes the platform for further education, like a Master's degree that opens up new ventures for students.

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The School of Psychology provides following majors:

General Psychology

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Clinical Psychology

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Counseling Psychology

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Educational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology

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