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The school of education holds a special importance for Martinville University, because we are involved in imparting education as well, hence we know what is required of this domain. At Martinville University School of education, we believe education is the solution to most of the issues in the world today. And this is the reason why we've decided to place great importance in this field, getting students and professional ready for tutorial roles.

We have trained thousands of graduates who now spread education across the globe in different organizations and instituitions. We train people to develop their own skills and thinking and base their analysis on solid facts. The student teacher ratio in the world is alarmingly low, with more students being catered by a single teacher; we are striving to make this ratio better through our school of education.

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The School of Education offers following majors so you could pursue the field and satisfy you intellect.

Early Education

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Middle Level Education

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Adult Education

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Special Education

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Assessment and Evaluation

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Teaching and Learning

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Administration and Supervision

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Curriculum and Instruction

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Teaching Assistant

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