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Over the years, criminal justice has been one of the pressing concerns because of the rising imprisoned population. Before securing others, you want security for yourself in today's world, since safety and security are prime concerns now. This highlights the importance of Criminal Justice as a discipline because a strong justice system makes the society safer for you. At Martinville University, the School for Criminal Justice assists you through the degree program to give you better knowledge of the field and help you grow in your career.

Martinville University provides its' students with rewarding career opportunities by offering 8 different majors through its School of Criminal Justice that has led to an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry. Earning an online degree from the Martinville University is the first step towards your goal for a degree in Criminal Justice.

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The School of Criminal Justice provides following majors:

Criminal Justice

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Cyber Crime

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Private Security

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Crime Scene Investigation

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Juvenile Justice

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