Martinville University Scholarship Program

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At University, we take complete care of your current and future needs, to show our students that we are committed to wards their betterment, we have set up a dedicated career centre for those who would require help on issues such as job placement and course counseling etc. We make sure that our students get placed at top notch universities in the world if they opt for employment, or come up with the most innovative concepts and ideas if they are inclined towards entrepreneurship.

At our career centre, we will guide you on how to make it to the best organizations and then grow over there as well. We can even recommend professionals about their future career path and update them about which programs they need to complete to keep their CV’s updated.

Career & Skill Development Service We provide professional, high quality career and information service for students and recent graduates of Martinville University.
Start Planning Your Career Trying to decide whether to go to work now or do further study? Let us help you to decide what is the right time to plan your career.
Enterprise Education We can help you to discover the hidden enterpreneurial skills within yourself. Have faith in your idea and make those ideas into reality!
Job Placement Whether you are a current student or recent graduate, we we will connect you with leading job placement companies where you can get your dream job.
Career Guides Our specialized career guides will help you to underestand how to use the important tools to advance your career search.
Resume Writing We make sure our students have the best resume which demonstrates their potential to prospective employers. We help student draft a professional resume and our experts carefully redesign and review it.