Martinville University Scholarship Program

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Our postgraduate diploma programs enable students to stay competitive in their respective fields by equipping themselves with the relevant knowledge and skills. The credits earned in our diploma programs will help you to pursue your postgraduate studies easily. Individuals can earn a graduate diploma offering a spectrum of courses relevant to today's work environment. The program provides unparalleled learning to individuals allowing them to meet their educational and career objectives successfully.


Our Graduate Diploma Program is meant for those students wishing to pursue their academic goals and improve their career prospects. Below are further details about our Graduate Diploma, including its admission requirements, application process, fee plan and more.

Eligibility Criteria High school diploma, GED or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours 30
Program Completion Time Less than six months- or even less (Self-paced learning model).
Programs Fees $6000 (can be reduced by availing Martinville's Scholarship ).

Schools 16
Courses 5
Martinville Scholarship Apply for up to 90% scholarship being offered under Martinville Scholarship Program.
Credit Transfer Get the credits, earned earlier, transferred to reduce your fee and time to complete the degree.
Prior Learning Earn credits for prior learning/work experience.
Course Material Provided FREE of cost, online.
Study Mode Online - Vitual Class and Assessment Rooms.


Selecting a university is the most vital decision of one's life; such decisions are never made in haste and PROGRAMS AT Martinville we discourage students to make hasty and unwise decisions about their future and career. Having the right credentials from an accredited institution is critically important in today's competitive world-and Martinville helps you earn so with ease and flexibility. Programs PROGRAMS AT Martinville are preferred over other universities for their flexibility, affordability and quality of education. In addition to the convenience and excellence in student support, you will earn credentials from an accredited institute, giving you global acceptance and recognition.

Bobby Eller Brooklyn Law School

Lisa Caudill Masters in Finance - Durham

Christine Bachelor's from University of Texas SCHOOL

Paul McPherson PhD HRM - Nottingham University

Rebecca Master's in Marketing-UT

Roy Bennett MBA - Cornell

KarsooMaster's in Finance at Durham

Evelyn Leighty Bachelor from University of Texas School

Charles Gilbert Doctorate - Juris Doctor of Law


Lauren Highsmith Legal Adviso - LA Law Firm

Amy Knight LLM - UOP